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Care Home in Maidstone

Residential & Nursing Care

Located in the bustling town of Maidstone in Kent, Lukestone Care Home in Maidstone  is a Residential Nursing Care Home in Maidstone  providing 24-hour care for elderly people who have been diagnosed with Dementia or long-term mental health problems. Opened in 2004, it offers safe and comfortable accommodation with all modern amenities, and is staffed by a dedicated and highly skilled team of nurses and carers, who are supported by the Administrator, Activities Co-Ordinator, Housekeepers, Onsite Maintenance Person and the Catering Team.

Lukestone Care Home is close to public transport and residents are allowed to bring their own furniture with them when they move in, and their pets to keep them company. The Home features specialist lifting and bathing equipment, lift access to all floors and wheelchair access throughout. We have a busy Activities timetable for those wishing to take part. We also organise regular external entertainers and we take trips out with small groups of residents. Lukestone provides a varied, healthy and plentiful menu that is very popular with residents – catering for special diets and soft food diets.

As well as regular GP visits to the Home, residents can benefit from a range of Professionals who regularly visit the Home, including: Alternative Therapist, Chiropodist, Dentist, Dietician, Hairdresser, Optician, Physiotherapist, Specialist Nurses and Speech therapist.

Nellsar is one of the first Care Home groups to employ a Nutritional Therapist and introduce individual consultations and Nutritional Champions across the Homes, putting the holistic and nutritional health of our residents first. A combination of nature and science, Nutritional Therapy “acknowledges the kitchen as the medicine cabinet” and is extremely important to the elderly, particularly those in Residential Care with Dementia or specific health conditions or illnesses. Click here to watch the video.

We also have our very own Well-Being Team dedicated to making a difference to the lives of all Nellsar residents through nutritional balance, nurturing touch, compassion and empathy. It is Nellsar’s mission to maintain our residents’ health and well-being. Ask us about the Nutritional Therapy and Well-Being Treatments available.

As a Dementia Nursing Home Lukestone Care Home provides person-centred care to residents within a very homely, Dementia-friendly setting. We have a 1960s style kitchen/diner where residents can sit and reminisce about the 1960s and feel relaxed in a familiar setting. We have specialist staff who are Dementia Champions and look to provide the highest levels of care promoting each individual’s sense of wellbeing. 

Interactive Me is a brand new online tool used to create bespoke memory boxes as a valuable person-centred care tool for our elderly residents or those with Dementia. An ideal gift for a relative – click here to watch the video.

Here at Lukestone, we also also care for residents who require End of Life Care, in a dignified and caring way following the Gold Standards Framework’s guidelines. Our trained staff have undertaken GSF training – working towards accreditation – and we are supported by the Dementia Specialist Nurse from our local hospice.


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Care service offered: 

  • Day Care & Weekend Care
  • Dementia Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Nursing Dementia Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Respite Care & Short Breaks


  • One Dining Room
  • Onsite Hair Salon
  • Two Lounges
  • Secure Gardens
  • 42 Single Rooms – 39 have en-suite facilities

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Activities & Lifestyle: 

Daily life is fun and varied. The more we know about an individual’s hobbies and interests, the better we can tailor their daily activities and lifestyle within the Home.

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Lukestone Care Home residents visit Aylesford Priory

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Good quality food and drink...
Mum has been in Lukestone since the start of December last year, and is now starting to settle in, has made a group of friends and takes part in activities provided.

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Latest Recommendations from

My mum has been a resident for nearly three years. They have always provided a good level of care and also give a personal touch. My mum responds to them with kindness and although she can't talk anymore they talk to her and know what she needs. When things have not been done right (not often) they are corrected quickly. We have no complaints. The manager is lovely and she keeps a tight ship.

TJ, daughter of resident, September 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone.

The home is welcoming and staff are friendly and helpful. My grandmother is always treated with respect and dignity - when I leave I feel that I am leaving her in good hands. The staff have a hard job - I wouldn't underestimate this. I cannot ask for more than they do. We are very lucky. Thank you.

TM, granddaughter of resident, August 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone.

My mum has been at Lukestone Care Centre for a couple of years now and I do not think I could have found a better place for her. The care given is outstanding. Although she is in the last stages of dementia she is still treated with the utmost dignity and care. She is treated as an individual, everyone knows her name, her likes, her dislikes and her needs. She is never unclean or sore, which considering she spends a long time in bed is excellent. All the staff work hard under an excellent management team.

GD, daughter of resident, August 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone.

In the two and a half years my relative has lived in Lukestone Care Centre she has been very well cared for. We have found the staff always to be respectful and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Lukestone Care Centre.

VG, relative of resident, August 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone.

My Nan Irene was a resident here, until 3rd March this year when she sadly passed away. The staff were brilliant with Nan right till the end. I was able to be with Nan in her last moments, and the staff were amazing. They were very understanding and one even broke down with us at the time. It was so comforting to know they also cared so much. Nan had a lovely room with all she needed. They even allowed us to bring Nan in her favourite meal, fish and chips. It's little things that make a huge difference. Thank you for caring for Nan.

LP, granddaughter of resident, March 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

My wife has been in three other care/nursing homes. Her room is very comfortable. The lounge is easily the best of the four care homes she has been in. Roomy, bright and comfortable. My wife is the only vegetarian resident, but her needs are fully met. The staff are mainly young but have so much patience and care for even the most troublesome resident. As in all business, the manager sets the standard and here it is very good.

RH, husband of resident, March 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

My mother seems settled and enjoys the friendly staff, likes her room and prefers quietness.

JB, son of resident, January 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

Mum has been at Lukestone Care Centre for 10 months now. We are very happy with the care and support she has received from the excellent staff. All of her needs are being met and with any problems, no matter how small, the nurse in charge phones to the room to inform me and to discuss a way forward. I have no hesitation in recommending Lukestone Care Centre.

MH, son of resident, January 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

Mum is happy in her room and gets on well with the staff.

PB, son of resident, January 2017, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

I find Lukestone to be very caring, they go that extra mile to be of great help to relatives. Keep them informed of any problems with relatives health and everyday things like eating. Encourage you to inform them of any problems you have with your relatives carers. My aunt has been there 18 months now and is really settled.

VG, niece of resident, June 2016, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

My husband entered Lukestone in December 2015 he had dementia. He was treated with dignity and respect from day one. He died last week. The care and nursing staff were wonderful. They allowed me to stay by providing me with a room to rest in and my food. I was there at the end. At this sad time they were there for both of us at all times.

AM, wife of resident, June 2016, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

"I have no problems with the standard of care, the staff, cleanliness or food etc in fact I get a phone call for every little change in my mother's condition no matter how trivial. My concern is that with inflation running at near zero, the home increased its charges by 5% to the most vulnerable members of society in April this year."

IW, relative of resident, August 2015, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

"The caring nature of all staff is so important for people with dementia, and this home is excellent. Although this is an older property, the decoration depicts the age the residents remember. Also the meals provided are meals they would remember from their childhood."

JC, relative of resident, May 2015, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

"I would recommend this home to friend's and family. My father has just passed away. I felt my father was comforted when he was mobile and in his last few days. The home always supported my family on our visits if the depression,aggression became stronger. My father was constantly happy whilst in the home and loved the staff that cared for him,as they claim he was never a hassle but a pleasure. The care provided was strong, supportive after care that made my family and I feel comforted regarding our family bereavement."

SD, relative of resident, February 2015, Lukestone Care Home in Kent, Maidstone

"My Father was constantly happy whilst in the Home. I would recommend this Home to friends and family. My Father has just passed away. I felt my Father was comforted when he was mobile and in his last few days. The Home always supported my family on our visits if the depression, aggression became stronger. My Father was constantly happy whilst in the Home and loved the staff that cared for him, as they claim he was never a hassle but a pleasure. The Care provided was strong, and their supportive After Care has made my family and I feel comforted in our family bereavement."

SD Family, February 2015, Luksetone Care Home in Maidstone

"They all do a brilliant job of looking after him.My Father has been a very difficult man to look after over the past 3 years. He has been sectioned twice under the mental health act, and has also been in a previous Home. He has been at Lukestone for 1.5 years now, and he seems very happy. They all do a brilliant job of looking after him considering his problems. Always clean and great care is taken of him. I think they all do a brilliant job there and would recommend this Home to other people. Well done Lukestone Nursing Home."

SD Family, December 2014, Luksetone Care Home in Maidstone

"It’s a huge relief to know that Nana is well cared for. From my first visit to the Home I was made to feel welcome. All staff give me confidence that Nana is treated with dignity and respect. Staff are caring and facilities are good. They understand Dementia. It’s a huge relief to know that Nana is well cared for. Thank you."

TM Family, December 2014, Luksetone Care Home in Maidstone

A message from the Manager

Hello, my name is Karen Wilkins and I’m the Manager of Lukestone Care Home in Maidstone, Kent. We provide person-centred, individualised Dementia Nursing Care, with dignity and respect. You are encouraged to visit the Care Home and ask all the questions you like. We can also provide you with information about our Care Home, and Dementia. You can always speak with one of the staff on the telephone, send us an email, or ask someone to visit on your behalf, if you like. We pride ourselves on being able to look after and support both our residents, who are living with Dementia, and their relatives. We understand what a difficult decision it is to place a loved one into a Care Home, and the impact it has on you as a family.

We have 42 single rooms, varying in size and character, all but two with en-suite facilities. The Care Home is a large house in a residential area which has been extended over the years. We are on one of the main bus routes and we are located just off the Tonbridge Road and we have our own small car park at the front of the Home. The Home is on three floors – named Oak House, Willow House and Silver Birches House. The Home has many differing characteristics and retains some original features. We have a quiet lounge which has been designed and styled as a 1960s kitchen diner with original units and sink – a perfect place to sit and reminisce. We also have a large and airy main lounge with a high ceiling which opens out into our garden – complete with flowerbeds, themed areas and a shady pagoda.

Our Administrative area, including my office and the Visitors’ Lounge, is at the entrance to the Care Home where you’ll be welcomed at Reception by our friendly staff. You are welcome to use the Visitors’ Lounge to enjoy a visit with your relative in a more private area of the Care Home. Please don’t forget to sign the Visitors’ Book when you come to visit us.

From Reception you enter the Care Home on the ground floor – this area is called Oak House and its corridor walls are colour-schemed in shades of blue. Oak House has 12 very generously sized rooms with en-suites. There’s also a bathroom and shower-room furnished with specialist equipment, three individual toilets, and the public areas of the Care Home. On the right hand side of the Care Home from Reception is our quiet lounge – the 1960s room where our residents can sit and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Next to the quiet lounge is our Dining room, with its tables set attractively for residents to sit and eat their meals and enjoy a sociable dining experience. On Thursday lunchtimes, we have lunch club where we invite relatives to the Care Home to join us for lunch and enjoy dining with their relative. The kitchen is off the Dining Room where our Chef, Mandy, prepares food to the highest standards – offering a wide choice and a varied menu.

Travelling along the corridor you pass Memory Lane, which has some milestones in history displayed on the walls, offering opportunities for residents of the Care Home time to reminisce. This then brings you to our Parisian Bistro area with its individual seating area for residents to sit and rest. The Nurses station is situated here, leading into a corridor and the entrance to the main lounge. Our main lounge is at the back of the Care Home and is light and airy with seating for residents to enjoy its brightness and enjoy views of the garden. This is the main hub of the Care Home and it’s where we host our themed events and entertainment.

Going up to the first floor you enter Willow House with its corridor walls colour-schemed in shades of green. It has 15 bedrooms that are of varying size, most have en-suite facilities and a view of the back garden or the front of the Home, and St Michaels Road. There is another shower-room and bathroom with the same en-suite facilities and views as on the ground floor. Going up to the second floor, called Silver Birch House, its corridor walls are colour-schemed in shades of lavender. The layout reflects that of the first floor.

We actively encourage our families to personalise their relatives’ bedrooms with pictures, photographs and other well-loved ornaments. We find this provides some comfort and familiarity for our residents. Each room in the Care Home has a Nurse Call Bell and if you are unable to use the call bell system, we have other systems in place to ensure you are safe and supported with your needs. If you wish to make a telephone call we have portable phones or you can use your own mobile phone. There is Wi-Fi available in all parts of the Care Home.

As your own personal needs may change, these will be discussed with you and those closest to you. With your consent, your care plan will be updated and amended accordingly to reflect this. All the staff here at the Care Home are very experienced in respectfully managing the care needs of people living with Dementia, and many other health and social care issues. In order to ensure the highest possible levels of care and support and at all times, we liaise with a large network of other health care and NHS professionals outside of the Care Home.

We have a comprehensive Activities Programme which includes a variety of things to do including professional entertainers coming to the Home to sing to residents. We have a Holistic Therapist who can provide massage, Reiki and reflexology, and residents also enjoy Active Armchair and Music for Health sessions. Trips out in the Mini Bus make a nice change and we have been known to go out for tea and cake in the afternoon.

At the end of May we host our annual Open Garden Day. We invite everyone along to help us in the garden – putting pretty bedding plants into our numerous hanging baskets and planters – and your reward is a lovely homemade lunch. The Open Garden Day is a great opportunity to meet other relatives, residents and make our garden area a lovely place to sit for our residents.

Family and friends are welcome to visit the Home at any time and we encourage open communication. I operate an open door policy and am always more very happy to talk to you. We hope to hear from you soon.

Please feel free to call me on 01622 755 821.

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