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Author Sylvia Bryden-Stock visits Silverpoint Court Residential Care Home

We were delighted here at Silverpoint Court Residential Care Home to welcome author Sylvia Bryden-Stock last week to talk about her two books which describe her and her husband’s dementia journey.

Her first book ‘The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurons: Our Journey with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease‘ explains the journey she and her husband took when he was diagnosed with the condition.

The second ‘The Rocky Road of 24/7 Care: Sylvia’s Ups and Downs and Positive Learnings Along the Way‘ highlights the journey they embarked on when entering nursing home care.

Sylvia is a regular visitor to Princess Christian Care Home in Surrey as her husband has been a resident there for a number of years. She runs a Carers Coaching Academy and is an advocate for dementia awareness in general.

Sylvia has visited all the Nellsar Care Homes and we were delighted that she came to complete her tour with us. Her company was very much appreciated by our residents, who enjoyed spending time chatting with her.

Our staff were also very pleased to see Sylvia and are delighted to have copies of her books to share with residents and their families.

Sylvia thoroughly enjoyed her visit to Silverpoint Court and travelling to all the Nellsar Homes on her book tour, commenting; “I’ve had an amazing time here. My full book tour is now complete and I have lovely memories of all the Homes.”