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Freedom from face masks across Nellsar Care Homes

Our residents, staff and families across Nellsar are delighted to celebrate the end of mask-wearing in our Homes, after months of required face coverings as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Our residents were so pleased to see their staff members unmask at last and it has been wonderful to see so many smiling faces across our Homes.

Engaging with our residents is such an important part of our day-to-day care and it feels fantastic to no longer have faces obscured and voices muffled.

What an immense relief and breath of fresh air for everyone, quite literally!

No more Covid face masks at Nellsar!


“‘Freedom’ is what one of our resident’s family members used to describe how they felt now they no longer have to wear masks in our Home, commenting “It is so nice not to have to wear them and it makes me feel like we are finally free!” Another loved one was relieved his glasses won’t steam up anymore! Our staff said it was strange to finally see family members without masks, as they have been so used to seeing them with their masks on for so long! Some staff said how lovely it was to “get back to our old selves and show off our smiles again”. Our teams are able to talk to their residents without the masks hiding their faces and muffling their voices; residents can now hear staff more clearly and also read lips and facial expressions. They have all commented how lovely it is to see all our staff smiling and how young they all look!”

The Old Downs

“On our first day without having to wear a mask, I walked into our lounge, smiled and said hello to all our residents. I walked over to Edna and crouched in front of her to ask how she was. I had a big smile on my face. She grabbed hold of my face with both hands, nearly knocking me off my feet, and gave me a kiss and said ‘lovely’! She is a lady who says very little and so this was a very special moment.” Claire Davis, Registered Manager

St Winifreds

“Marjorie is very grateful that our staff are no longer wearing masks as she is hard of hearing but can lip read. Communicating is so much easier without the masks, plus she loves nothing better than seeing a smiling face!

David is loving seeing all the smiling face – “Well, most of them!” he says, ha ha!

Marion is happy to finally see our student helper Adam without his mask. She said it’s almost like meeting him for the first time and what a great smile he has.

What a joker Chris is; he is great friends with Tina from our Recreation and Well-Being Team and when she asked if he preferred her with her mask on or off, he told her her face looked better with the mask on! He thought this was very funny!

Princess Christian

“Our resident Marjorie commented how lovely it was to see our staff’s smiling faces again. Margaret said she was very pleased the masks had gone as she had trouble hearing people speak with masks on and likewise Anne said “I can hear you now!”. Doris thought there was no point in wearing them anymore and is very happy that they have gone.”

Bromley Park

“Our residents and staff at Bromley Park enjoyed a karaoke session recently, the first one without masks! It’s a blessing that we can continue caring for our residents without the masks.”

Loose Valley

“After three long years, we are finally mask free! Our residents were absolutely thrilled to see all of us without our masks, as were all our staff members – practically having to meet everyone all over again as we all look so different with all of our faces showing! Our resident Doug was surprised with the shapes of peoples faces, whilst other residents who are hard of hearing were very happy to able to have much easier conversations with staff, being able to see their mouths and more expressions on faces. It has brought such joy into our Home – we are all overjoyed.”

Covid face masks come off at Nellsar Care Homes