Gardening and art at Bromley Park Care Home

Herb planters and painting are a big hit among residents

This week, the Recreation & Well-Being Champions at Bromley Park Care Home have been focussing on the residents talents and hobbies. One of their newest residents to the Home has always been a keen gardener and is very proud of his garden at home.

So, we bought our gentleman a foldable herb planter kit with seeds from The kit includes a wooden frame with herb seeds and soil to grow your own parsley, chives, basil and oregano – perfect for anyone with green fingers!

This fabulous kit allowed our resident to get his hands dirty again and put a smile on his face. Now for the challenge of keeping them well-watered in this heat!

For our arty residents, we’ve held a few creative sessions over the last couple of weeks. One of our ladies, despite having limited mobility, still loves getting a paint brush and happily creates her own masterpieces. We’ve also been decorating our plant pots ready for when our new plants are fully grown and ready for the garden.

Here at Bromley Park, even if it may seem that some residents struggle a little, we find art to be really therapeutic and it proves wonderful for engaging our ladies and gents in a relaxing activity.