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Making Cheesy Sticks at The Old Downs Residential Care Home

On Sunday 23 September, our Recreation & Well-Being Lead Vira and a group of our residents enjoyed baking cheesy sticks together here at The Old Downs Residential Care Home.

Our ladies used flour, butter, milk, eggs and cheddar cheese to make their cheesy sticks and really got involved – even telling Vira how they are made! Dot used to make them with her daughter before joining us at The Old Downs, so she had lots of good advice.

The group kept prompting Vira to keep a close eye on their sticks in the oven as they didn’t want them to burn and were keen to share their handiwork with the other residents.

Once they were out of the oven and cooled the results were brilliant and they tasted scrumptious!

Well done to Vira and our ladies who took part – we loved tasting your creations!