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Nutrition and Well-Being @ Nellsar Care Homes

Introducing Charlene Wood – Nutritional Therapist

Charlene Wood constitutes a very valuable part of Nellsar Care Homes’ wonderful Well-Being team. We recently introduced our Well-Being Team members Shirley Llewelyn, Dee Brindley, Nina Long and Kay Wade (click here to read an article about the Well-Being team) – today we would like to tell you about Charlene in a short “Q&A”.

Q: What are your specialist qualifications in relation to the services you bring to the Well-Being team?

A: I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist; Registered with the CNHC and BANT regulatory bodies. I spent three years at The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in Brighton studying a variety of specialisms including Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Human sciences and the history and scope of nutritional therapy and how nutrition affects the key systems of the human body.

Q: Where have you used these skills before?

A: In 200 clinical hours over the course of the last 3 years.

Q: Please tell us about the services you can offer to Nellsar residents:

A: I work with the Chef and Kitchen Staff in creating specific meal plans and advise on how best to prepare wholesome and nutritionally-dense meals for their residents. I also provide specific dietary advice and bespoke food plans in relation to any ailments, challenges, medical conditions or diseases that a resident may be affected by.

For example, any allergies or sensitivities to certain foods will be taken into consideration, as will conditions such as obesity, diabetes or insomnia. Residents with certain types of Dementia may require extra energy in concentrated portions and we develop very healthy, energising snacks for these ladies and gentlemen too.

Upon arrival of a new resident, I can asses their specific needs and help support them with their nutritional requirements. We can help monitor the weight of any residents who need to gain or lose weight for health reasons, as well as creating safe and taylor-made meal/snack plans that are calorie controlled and nutritionally dense to suit their needs.

As part of the Well-Being team for Nellsar Care Homes, I offer personalised advice to residents while looking at their diet and lifestyle. As a team, we aim to improve the overall health and well-being of each individual by making bespoke and realistic adjustments. We have also introduced “Kitchen Gardens” to many Homes for residents to enjoy.

Educating Nellsar staff on key areas of health and nutrition with regards to any adjustments being made to a resident’s care and meal plan is integral to the work that we do. By liaising with staff, dieticians and other health care professionals we are continually putting the nutritional needs and general well-being of our residents first.

Q: What are your plans and aspirations for the near and distant future with regards to the Well-Being team and Nellsar’s residents?

A: It is well-documented that when an elderly person makes the transition into residential care it is quite common for their nutritional status to decline.
This in turn makes the resident more susceptible to infections, illnesses and depression. Through a holistic approach and carefully planned bespoke monitoring of their nutrition and well-being, I would like to see improvements in the health and longevity of all Nellsar residents.

Please call us on 01795 470272 to learn more about Nellsar’s Well-Being Team and how it could help you or a loved one.