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Restaurant refurbishments at St Winifreds Care Home

The new dining room at St Winifreds

Nicola Masters, Manager of St Winifreds Care Home, would like to thank all the residents, staff and visitors for putting up with the refurbishment chaos for the last couple of months; “I think everyone will agree, it was totally worth it.”

Our residents are very happy with their new bright and cheery dining room and they are socialising and interacting more than ever. It is wonderful to see so many of them chatting to each other while enjoying their meals. Many of our residents commented how much they like the ‘meal boards’ which give them information on what the meal choices are as they often forget.

Some of our residents whom would normally prefer to take their meals in their rooms are the main ones who now look forward to seeing other friends at mealtimes. Refurbishing the dining area into a much lighter and more uplifting place to be has encouraged both conversation among residents and their individual independence.

Dining out…

Here at St Winifreds, we even have a few residents who like to go back to their room, tidy their hair and change their tops, before arriving at what they refer as the restaurant. How’s that for a dining experience?!

When Nicola asked our residents what they thought so far about the new dining room, she received a cocktail (pun intended!) of positive remarks and comments;

“It is so light, nice and airy – lovely colours”

“Very roomy, very spacious”

“Lovely restaurant”

“We go out for lunch everyday”

“We go to the restaurant for lunch everyday”

The new Hydration Station

Our eye-catching new Hydration Station made a welcome addition to the dining room and has been great in encouraging our ladies and gents to drink more and stay hydrated. Residents can readily choose from a variety of fruit squash, juice, smoothies, wine, non-alcoholic wine and thirst-quenching fizzy drinks.

Using moulds for puréed food

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties and it can affect people of all ages in all types of care setting; Food texture modification is widely accepted as a way to manage this condition. We understand that what we consume has a direct impact on our physical health and it is key to keeping our residents well.

The Chefs here at St Winifreds cater especially for our residents with swallowing difficulties by using food moulds to help present the puréed foods in an appetising way – ensuring a much more enjoyable mealtime and dining experience for all. As you will see from the pictures, the food looks appetising, full of colour and nutrition, and more importantly – it looks very similar to a normal meal.