Training day with the National Activity Providers Association

Our Recreation and Well-Being Champions team up for training!

On 4 October, we welcomed Jennifer Dudley, Director of NAPA (the National Activity Providers Association) to Hengist Field Care Home, where she ran a bespoke training day for 20 of our Recreation and Well-Being Champions.

The theme for the day was – in the words of Julie Andrews – “Getting To Know You“! We believe the key to caring for an individual is getting to know who they are – their likes and loves, their families and friends, their careers, the choices they have made and the challenges they have overcome.

We had lots of fun planning and trying out ideas for truly personalised activities to enrich the lives of our residents.

It was an inspiring day and we all learned so much through the exercises and discussions we had. Thank you to everyone involved in making it a brilliant training event.