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Update on D of E Student, Oskar Kessler from Silverpoint Court Residential Care Home

Edinburgh Bronze Award Student Oskar is enjoying his time at Silverpoint Court

We have been delighted to have the company of a young man named Oskar since early November last year. Oskar, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and attends St Nicholas Special Needs School in Southend-on-Sea, has taken on the challenge of achieving a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. As part of this, he has to complete twelve 1-hour voluntary sessions in the community. So we were very pleased to welcome him to Silverpoint Court Residential Care Home in order to achieve this.

Oskar was busy throughout December! He is becoming increasingly confident as he spends time with us and is getting into the habit of going to certain people’s rooms to see them when he arrives at the Home. Our residents love to see him and he has some very engaging talks with them – usually about spitfire airplanes! He recently learned from one of our residents that airmen were not allowed to do the victory rolls that we see on TV, as it was not airforce protocol.
In the festive period, Oskar helped one lady colour in a velvet painting and participated in making gift labels out of old birthday cards. He also made use of his technical skills, by helping to gets a Samsung tablet up and running for people living at Silverpoint Court.
We are delighted that Oskar has said he is getting to know his way around the building now and feels more confident. He recently sat with one of our gentleman residents and went through a paper quiz with him and he also helped with a themed word search with some other residents. So we know who to turn to when the quiz questions come out! 
On the 9th December Oskar came along to help with a special Christmas activity. We had a visit from a singer planned. However the singer had a few technical issues and had to leave early, so Oskar participated in a game of balloon tennis with around 21 of our residents instead! He said he really enjoyed this activity as it was a lot of fun.
Oskar came along to assist with Silverpoint’s Christmas spectacular on 11th December. Due to a power failure in the Home, we needed extra help, and he was invaluable in helping to run items up and down the stairs – including the raffle prizes, which had to be drawn in a different room than originally planned, as people could not be moved around the Home. He was a star helper on the day and stayed to watch our Christmas show.
Later in December, Oskar joined us for a bingo activity session, helping people find and mark their numbers and wiping the cards clean after use. He also called out the numbers for checking and gave prizes. 
Oskar has said he is really enjoying his time with us. He gets on really well with Lynda, our Activities Co-Ordinator, who gives him plenty of encouragement. Thank you Oskar, for your company and help over the festive season, it’s been lovely to have you.

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