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Coronavirus Update

Thank you

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. We have wonderful things planned throughout the year and we look forward to sharing these with you as they happen. Don’t forget to check the news boards on our Care Homes’ websites for regular updates on what residents have been enjoying and celebrating throughout the week.

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Following guidance

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is now behind us, we remain committed to adhering to official guidance, and we encourage vaccinations and boosters to maintain everyone’s health and well-being. We will continue taking all necessary measures to protect everyone’s safety.

Covid Safe

Nellsar Care Homes are COVID Safe. We can offer peace of mind that we are doing all we can to keep our staff, residents and families safe and COVID free.

Icon of Vaccine


We are continuing to encourage a whole-Home vaccination and booster programme for all our residents and staff.

Testing program icon

Testing for COVID-19

Our testing programme follows the Government guidelines and ensures everyone’s safety.

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Infection Control

All our Homes use strict infection control measures to help protect against the transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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Comprehensive PPE

We continue to adhere to the strict use of PPE keeping our residents and staff safe.

Relative visits to our Homes

To ensure the safety of our residents and staff, please remain mindful of COVID-19, flu and other viruses. If you have been unwell within the five days leading up to your planned visit, please do not visit the Home until you are symptom free. Thank you for your cooperation.

Vaccination remains one of the most effective safeguards against severe COVID-19 outcomes. If you are eligible, we strongly encourage you to consider getting vaccination boosters, particularly if you are aged 65 and above, pregnant, or have underlying health conditions.

Since rapid lateral flow tests are no longer distributed to our Care Homes, should you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, please visit the Government website to identify whether you are eligible to obtain free tests or you will need to buy them from pharmacies or retailers.

Your vigilance is essential in maintaining a safe environment. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms within 48 hours of visiting one of our Homes, please inform us promptly to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents, visitors, and the dedicated teams providing them with support.

Please contact the Home specific to your enquiry for their comprehensive visiting policy, which will outline full details.


An outbreak consists of two or more positive or clinically suspected linked cases of COVID-19, within the same setting within a 14-day period.

If following a risk assessment a COVID-19 outbreak is confirmed, the Home will put in place additional measures to manage the outbreak and ensure everyone’s safety. Residents, families and team members will be promptly informed about the outbreak and all measures that have been implemented. These may include limitations on the number of visitors for residents or, if needed, temporary suspension of admissions.


We are committed to our Homes with vacancies are fully prepared to safely welcome new residents according to people’s unique admission criteria and the admission protocols following current guidance are outlined below.

General admissions to our Homes: People admitted from the community or other care settings do not need to be tested before they are moving into one of our Care Homes. In the event that a resident presents symptoms of COVID-19 post-admission, we will conduct COVID-19 LFD testing as per the established procedure. If a positive test result is obtained, the resident will receive dedicated care and support, including isolation in accordance with Government guidelines to facilitate their recovery.

Discharge from hospital into a Care Home: Residents being discharged from hospital into a Care Home (including returning to a Home after a stay in hospital) should be tested by the hospital with a COVID-19 LFD test within 48 hours before planned discharge. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 can be admitted if the Home is satisfied they can be cared for safely; they will be required to isolate on arrival and follow Government guidance.

Please contact the Home specific to your enquiry for full details, including individual information on any necessary periods of isolation.

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Alternatively, please contact our Head Office team with any enquiries by calling 01795 470272 or emailing

Videos: Caring through the pandemic

Handheld Visits within Nellsar Care Homes

April 2021

When the government guidelines changed, it was great to have been able to welcome relatives back into our Homes to see their loved one and hold their hands. It was so important to make these reunions feel as homely as possible and the Recreation and Well-Being team at Woodstock Residential Care Home created a special room just for these visits. Meaningful touch is extremely important for our sense of well-being, particularly for people with Dementia. Being able to interact with each other more freely, while staying safe, was a wonderful step forward.

A special thank you from Nellsar Care Homes

March 2021

For World Poetry Day 2021, Nellsar Care Homes would like to thank everyone for their endless support throughout what has been one of the most difficult times in recent history. We couldn’t have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic and we are overwhelmed by the resilience of our staff and our relatives’ understanding through the challenges we have faced. We are so grateful to our local communities who generously donated their gifts and services; but most of all, we want to thank our residents for facing these changes with us and for keeping us smiling.

Princess Christian Care Home begin whole-Home vaccination programme

January 2021

Vaccination was seen as the only way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Princess Christian Care Home in Surrey were thrilled to begin their whole-Home vaccination programme on Sunday 17 January 2021. 180 doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine were delivered at 9am and thanks to the outstanding organisation of their team most of their staff and residents were vaccinated by midday. It instilled a real peace of mind among staff that they were doing all they could to protect their residents.

The Magic of Christmas at Nellsar

December 2020

After all the major challenges of 2020, Nellsar Care Homes were on a mission to bring the joy of Christmas to our residents. From fabulous trees and decorations to German style markets and making mince pies, residents enjoyed a festive season full of fun and celebration. With carol singing in the courtyard or a visit to Santa’s home-grotto, our staff went above and beyond to keep the Christmas magic alive.

100th Birthday Celebrations at Princess Christian Care Home

November 2020

Having survived COVID-19 aged 99, Joyce’s 100th birthday was an extra special day to celebrate. She enjoyed being pampered and was escorted down a red carpet to a table of presents, cards, balloons and flowers. We fulfilled her birthday wish with a visit from a pony, which really made her day. Joyce was thrilled to receive her telegram from the Queen and celebrated in style with a delicious, double-tier chocolate birthday cake.

Nutrition and wellness at Nellsar

October 2020

This video talks about the benefits of Nutritional Therapy at Nellsar and how we maintain our superior catering provision across our 13 Care Homes. Hear how we adapted to the dramatic changes that came about as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, including how we approach food, dining and nutrition. Health and immunity are our greatest defence against viruses, including Coronavirus, so we look at ways of including additional immune boosting foods into our menus without compromising on our residents’ preferences.

Nellsar Nutrition and wellness – Coronavirus

October 2020

An excerpt from the main Nellsar Nutrition and wellness video; how we look at ways of including additional immune boosting foods into our menus to help bolster our residents’ immune systems.

Nellsar Nutrition and wellness – Dining Experience

October 2020

When it comes to the dining experience, residents can choose how they dine. Whether it’s in a shared social environment with friends or in the privacy of their own room. Many of our Homes offer dining areas with different atmospheres; this can be especially helpful for residents who have dementia.

Nellsar Nutrition and wellness – Food Presentation

October 2020

All of our dishes are professionally prepared and presented beautifully. Some of our residents may have vision problems so we develop dishes that are colourful, bold on the plate and are served in well lit areas. We create puréed versions of our dishes for residents who have swallowing difficulties and we photograph our dishes so residents can choose what they want.

Nellsar Nutrition and wellness – Menu Reviews

October 2020

Foods that evoke positive feelings have shown a beneficial impact on residents’ well-being in the past. An example of this is a resident who had not been eating well in their own home before moving to Nellsar. The Catering Team began making them their favourite traditional Caribbean foods and they began eating well again.

Nellsar Nutrition and wellness – Nutritional Therapy

October 2020

Nutritional Therapy acknowledges the kitchen as the medicine cabinet and there’s vast amounts evidence based research to support the benefits of an individual tailored and nutrient-rich diet. As we age our bodies have different needs and better nutrition becomes particularly important. Understanding the foundations of good nutrition remains key to good health.

Outdoor activities at Princess Christian Care Home

August 2020

Our Carnival Themed Party in 2020 was a big hit with our residents. Despite the challenging times of the COVID pandemic, we safely celebrated with familiar fairground games, stalls, prizes, food, music and dancing. Everybody entered into the spirit of things and fun and fond memories made the day very special. Contact our Activities Manager Christine Foster on 01483 488917 to learn more about daily life and leisure at the Home.

Outdoor visits at Princess Christian Care Home

June 2020

We were delighted to be able to facilitate safe, socially distanced visits between our residents and their relatives when it was announced. Relatives were able to book their visit by calling Christine Foster at the Home on 01483 488917.

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