Enjoying your dining experience

Our chefs work hard at developing tasty, varied meals and regularly consult with our residents to find out about their favourite dishes. Our qualified head chefs are committed to preparing fresh, home-cooked food with the emphasis on using local ingredients, and we are very happy to cater for special dietary requirements. 

We offer a healthy and plentiful menu that is very popular with residents. As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and refreshments are available throughout the day, including morning coffee and afternoon tea with freshly baked cakes. 

We believe that although it is very important to eat a balanced diet – so is enjoying what you eat. It is said that the first bite of a meal is with the eye and we couldn’t agree more! Our dishes are presented beautifully, to entice and delight our residents every day.

Mealtimes within Nellsar Care Homes are an important event and offer a regular opportunity for socialising; our Homes provide pleasant and spacious dining rooms and residents are able to vary their seating arrangements and dine with different people as they choose. If preferred, room service can be provided and assistance is always available for those who are less able.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is extremely important when dealing with elderly people, particularly if they have some kind of chronic illness, such as Dementia. 

Nellsar is one of the first Care Home groups to employ a dedicated Nutritional Therapist and introduce ‘Nutrition Champions’ within Homes. Nutritional Therapy is the combination of nature and science – bringing a person’s body back into balance and strength with the use of diet and lifestyle choices.

We are really passionate about the physical and mental well-being of our residents and understand that nutrition and hydration – through well-balanced, nutritious meals – are absolutely key to keeping people well. Our chefs have worked closely with our Nutritional Therapist to develop different meal plans and recipes that put more focus on beneficial nutritional aspects, such as protein.

I believe that acknowledging the kitchen as a medicine cabinet is an integral part of the future of healthcare.” Leni Wood, Nellsar Nutritional Therapist

Food and Dining at Hengist Field Care Centre

Food at Hengist Field Care Centre is sourced and prepared to ensure our residents enjoyment and optimum health. Balanced, nutritious meals are freshly prepared on the premises daily. Combined with a choice of areas to dine in, Hengist Field provides its residents with an altogether wonderful dining experience.

Nutritional Therapy at Nellsar

Nellsar is one of the first Care Home groups to employ a Nutritional Therapist and introduce individual consultations and Nutritional Champions. Watch our video about Nutritional Therapy at Nellsar Care Homes..

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