Our Philosophy of Care

Our philosophy begins with “How best to care for an individual?” We all have physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs, so how can we fully care for a person without all of these things being cared for?

The key is to get to know who our residents are – their likes and loves, their families and friends, their careers, the choices they have made and the challenges they’ve overcome. The more we know, the better we can tailor our care.


Families are often the best source of this information, so we always ask lots of questions. This is an ongoing process – everyone changes, so it is our responsibility to keep up-to-date and always be flexible with our approach to each person’s care. Sometimes, it’s the tiny things that matter, so we try not to miss out on any opportunity to get to know our residents better.

We understand that family members want the comfort of knowing their relative is properly cared for, and that their quality of life, health, hygiene and personal wellbeing are always our first concern. At Nellsar, we believe passionately that it is the right of every elderly person to be treated with dignity, privacy and respect. This is a principle that is upheld by our Dignity Champions – dedicated staff members who act as educators and role models to ensure the service we provide is person-centred and recognises the rights of individuals at all times.


Our Activities Co-Ordinators make time for each person to discover what they like to do – which enables us to tailor an activity package to suit. We understand that everyone is different and no-one is forced to do anything they don’t want to. Sometimes a cup of tea and a chat is enough, other times a dinner dance may be more the order of the day.

Clinical Care

Clinical care is supervised by qualified health professionals, assisted by a dedicated and highly trained team of carers to ensure that each resident is receiving an appropriate level of care and medical treatment. Local GPs visit the Homes frequently, and are on call for emergencies. We are also visited regularly by consultants, District Nurses,Chiropodists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Barbers, Hairdressers, Dentists, and other professionals.

All of this input helps us to understand each person and clearly see them as an individual from day one. It is then our pleasure to learn a little bit more each day.

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