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A busy few weeks at Princess Christian Care Home

We always love to have a busy calendar of activities here at Princess Christian Care Home and we’ve been enjoying a wonderful array of outings and special events over the past few weeks.


We enjoyed taking some of our residents to a tea dance in our local town, which is always great fun and enjoyed by all. We have also visited the beautiful cathedral in Guildford for a coffee concert, which was wonderful. As well as this, we have enjoyed some lovely spring strolls at our local lake and park, now that the weather is improving.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a huge success on Sunday 31 March, with all our ladies being presented with baskets of flowers and treated to some delightful chocolate treats. We all enjoyed our lovely singer Najwa performing for us – she was brilliant as usual, bringing her uplifting spirit into our Home.

Green fingered fun

We have now started work on our gardens, with the support of Pam, one of our resident’s wives, who has helped us tremendously. Our residents have chosen which plants they want to have in our garden and some take it in turns to help water them daily. Our little herb pots are coming along beautifully.

Country of the month

We have reintroduced Country of the Month here at Princess Christian and last month was Spain, so we enjoyed sampling delicious Spanish treats – from tapas to sangria. Cosmin our Chef was a great help, preparing and cooking all of the Spanish delights. A huge ‘thank you’ Cosmin, you’re a star!

This month our country will be France so we are looking forward to croissants, vino and French cheeses – yum!

Musical Gym

We now have a musical gym session twice a week (due to popular demand!). These are run by our Physiotherapist Leo and our ladies and gents are really enthusiastic about it. We should have the fittest residents around!

Penpals meet up

We were delighted to host our first meeting with our 10 school penpals who have been writing to our residents since Christmas. It was super to welcome the children and the event was a great success, with cake decorating and arts and crafts on offer to enjoy together. Our residents are very much looking forward to meeting up again soon.

Easter and beyond…

We are all really looking forward to the Easter weekend and have been busy here making Easter bonnets and cooking up delicious Easter treats, including chocolate rice crispie cakes.

We shall be adding some new activities to our calendar over the next few weeks – ice-skating and bowling to name a few – so watch this space!