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Full-Time Chartered Physiotherapist at Princess Christian Care Centre

Hi there,
I am Leo Mathew, a Chartered Physiotherapist working in Princess Christian Care Centre (Nellsar Ltd) in Knaphill, Woking. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from India in 1999, I began my career in different hospitals in India with neuro-rehabilitation as my primary area of interest. I have also achieved a postgraduate certificate in Neurorehabilitation from Brunel University, West London, in 2010.

My links with the Care Home began in 2010 when my wife Nisha started her career with Nellsar. Since then, I was a visiting Therapist providing my service to the care home residents privately. It was only in 2013; Mario Taherian (Registered Manager of Princess Christian Care Centre) invited me to join Princess Christian as a member of staff. 

My decision to work with elderly has changed my perception of these fascinating human beings. At Princess Christian, I am very passionate about listening to these people, hearing their stories, and helping them in improving their level of independence as a person. I have learned a lot in the last few years through training but a lot more from interacting with our residents and listening to their life stories. Quite often I am surprised to see the rather young minds in many of our older residents. Their aspirations to regain their lost abilities are vigorous and can be turned into something that can progressively contribute to their well-being. I am also sad when these people are denied their opportunities for improving their quality of life by classifying them as a low prognostic category.

I am also a firm advocate for the need for community involvement in Care Homes and also work hard to help these peoples to regain their lost personhood. I wish to see a Care Home as a community, where quality of life for everyone in the community – staff, family, friends and residents – is valued. Everyone in a Care Home needs to have a sense of security, sense of continuity, sense of belonging, sense of purpose, sense of achievement and sense of significance (called the ‘Six Senses Framework’, developed by Professor Mike Nolan and colleagues at the University of Sheffield). Nurturing these ‘senses’ for residents, their families and staff is a vital part of improving care practice.

I am passionate about developing my career in elderly care and I am hugely ambitious about my future with Nellsar.


Louisa Power (Resident and patient)
“I have known Leo for some time now. He is a physiotherapist who is very good and extremely helpful. He likes to keep in touch with everyone, all the time; so that he knows how things are going for each of them. Spending time with him is calming and helpful with all the problems for people like me in our old ages.”

Penuel Lincoln (Resident and patient)
“Leo is very understanding and kind. I believe that if anyone can help me to walk, it is him. Kind words and compassionate treatment is his style. He motivates and supports me with my hopes for walking again.”

Bernard Primarolo (Resident)
“He is a perfect man with a very kind and professional approach towards his patients. He knows how to motivate his clients and make them work towards set goals.”

Mario Taherian (Home Manager)
“I am delighted at being asked to write few lines about our Physiotherapist, Leo Mathew, as I am only full of praises for his in both professional and personal capacity. He has always been a very motivated person and has been quite keen to support me and our home.  Leo plays a crucial role in our team. He has integrated very well into our management team, and I have very much pleasure to work with him at Princess Christian Care Centre.

“Leo’s approach with residents has been very professional and dignified. Leo can maintain excellent relationships with everyone he has worked with and can easily integrate with any team without difficulty. He is very good in his subject knowledge and always had been keen to learn new things. Leo’s communication skills are excellent and have got high capacity in networking.

“At a personal level, Leo is a well-disciplined, calm, positive, friendly and caring person with a pleasant personality.”

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