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A celebration of Recreation and Well-Being Teams across Nellsar

Last week across our 13 Care Homes here at Nellsar we celebrated the incredible work of our Recreation and Well-Being Teams, as part of ‘National Activity Providers and Professionals Week’ organised by NAPA, which aimed to recognise Activity Providers and the wonderful role they play in social care.

The effort our Activities Teams put into getting to know each and every one of our residents – their likes and dislikes, personalities and wish lists – is second to none.

When a resident joins one of our Homes, it’s really important that they are able to continue to live an active, fulfilled and happy life, enjoying the hobbies they may have enjoyed in the past, and indeed, trying new experiences they may not have had before.

Activities are extremely important for the wellbeing of our residents; keeping both mind and body active is key, so too is time to relax and enjoy the social side of our care.

From arts and crafts to virtual travel, Pet Therapy to musical entertainment, the relaxation of Namaste to simply having a good old natter – their commitment to bringing fun and joy into the lives of our residents is what makes our Recreation and Well-Being Teams such an important part of our care. They bring colour, warmth, stimulation, laughter and above all, something every day for our residents to look forward to.

Thank you to all our Recreation and Well-Being Team members for everything you do to make our residents’ lives richer and fulfilled. You are all amazing!

Viv Stead, Recreation and Well-Being Manager