Nellsar staff offered diet review and nutritional support from Leni Wood

We are delighted that our Nutrition and Wellness Manager, Leni Wood, has launched an initiate to support the nutritional well-being of our staff across Nellsar. Her personalised diet and nutritional advice is one of a range of benefits offered to our Nellsar teams and will underpin our commitment to supporting our staff’s physical and mental wellness.

Here Leni explains her offering:

We can all benefit from general dietary advice from a nutrition professional. All well-being can begin with the food that we eat and one way of knowing if you are on the right track with your diet is by having a diet diary review.

I often review food diaries as part of a deeper health review for my clients in my nutrition practice. To support staff well-being at Nellsar Care Homes I have begun to offer free food diary reviews in support of staff and to help people make positive dietary adjustments for better health.

There are many things that a healthy balanced diet can help improve the symptoms of including diabetes, obesity, hormone related issues such as PMS, menopause and fatigue.

It is a simple process for our staff:

  • All they need to do is contact me via email
  • I will then email them a food diary to keep for 3–4 days and then they can send it back for review.
  • I will then email them with the adjustments they can make for better health and balance.

Some of the things I will be looking out for in the food diary review are whether people are getting enough vitamins and minerals, proteins, fats and the right kind of carbs.

  • Does the diet look heavily processed and how can the processed foods be easily replaced rather than restricted?
  • Does the diet support energy balance or is it a fatigue driving diet?
  • Is the diet an inflammatory diet which could be driving hormone issues or diabetes symptoms?

There is so much you can do with how you eat. This general dietary review is a real gift from Nellsar to our staff. The food diary reviews are aimed at making positive adjustments for better well-being.

Leni Wood
Nellsar Nutrition and Wellness Manager