Family videos welcomed for Bel Canto Sopranos Christmas concerts

We are very pleased to announce that once again we have arranged for each of our Nellsar Homes to have a personalised show from the wonderful Bel Canto Sopranos, with the added bonus of family videos included.

This was very popular with our families last year, when we had videos from across the world, furry friends in Christmas jumpers and all sorts!

Our families are invited to send their festive videos once again, following the instructions below:

Instructions for family messages

Please clearly label your video files with:

  • Your loved one’s (Resident’s) FULL Name
  • Name of the HOME where they live

Videos without the above information may not be included. We are producing Christmas shows for our 13 Homes, so the above information is very important. 

Tips for video recordings

  • Please make sure videos are recorded in LANDSCAPE.
  • Please limit the background noise on your video where possible (ie, TV or radio).
  • Videos recorded outside are quite hard to hear, so please make sure you take this into consideration if you are recording outside.
  • Videos to be no longer than 20 seconds each.

Sending your videos

  • Please send videos to
  • If your video file is too large to send via email, please send via wetransfer to
  • If you do not have any luck with either option, please send your video via WhatsApp to Angie on 07821 453029

Deadline for video submissions is Friday 3rd December.

Please note: Family videos will be shown as part of a Home’s entire concert and shared with residents and family members from that Home only. If families do not agree to this, we unfortunately cannot include their video in the performance. By sending a video in, relatives are agreeing for it to be shown.

We look forward to seeing lots of wonderful video messages during the concerts!