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New focus on Nellsar company values

We are thrilled to announce our redesigned company values that now resonate more deeply with the evolving landscape of social care. We have personalised these values using the acronym ‘NELLSAR,’ which not only makes them easy to remember, but also symbolises our identity and vision and reflects the essence of our commitment:

Seven Nellsar values

These values hold a special place in our hearts, as they concentrate on enhancing people’s mental health and well-being, as encapsulated in our ‘Nurture‘ value. We believe that by focussing on feedback and active listening, along with providing vital mental health support, we can create an environment where everyone feels supported, heard and genuinely valued. Further, our commitment to improving care using digitalisation and use of technology is reflected under our ‘Empower‘ and ‘Learning‘ values.

We are delighted to share these values with our beloved residents, their families and our incredible team members to promote our dedication to a strong value ethos across all that we do. Our aim is to celebrate an inclusive and collaborative work culture, having both our residents and team members at its heart. By embracing these seven values, we will promote a culture of empathy, equity, professionalism and continuous improvement across our Homes. This new focus will guide decision-making, help shape relationships and contribute to our success in providing exceptional care.

Together, we are embarking on an exciting chapter that embodies our dedication and determination to make a positive difference in the lives of those we care for and those who make this possible.

Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey with us.

For more in-depth information about our Nellsar values, please click here.