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Sewing community donates handmade gowns to Nellsar Care Homes

We have received, via The Old Downs Residential Care Home, a donation of handmade protective gowns and wash bags which have been kindly made from bedding by members of our local sewing communities.

These have been distributed to our Homes to support our care staff.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this initiate; the gowns will be put to very good use across Nellsar.


“These gowns have been donated by the communities of Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Otford, Chiddingstone, Stone Street, Underriver, Weald and around.

They may not have any bedding left(!) but there has been an incredible response making these to protect frontline staff in our area. The lady co-ordinating all the gown production is Belinda.

I set up the Tonbridge assessment hub with my partner Dr Ginny Winstanley. We ran out of gowns and I put out an appeal which has resulted in an extraordinary response.”

Nicki Perry GP HTMG