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WAG Award winner Marisa Spice attends House of Lords

Nellsar’s Learning and Development Manager attends post-awards afternoon tea

Teams across the Nellsar Care Homes group were delighted to congratulate Marisa on her award win in November 2022 when she was crowned winner of the ‘Talent Development Award’ at the Women Achieving Greatness in Social Care Awards (WAGS) – an annual showpiece that highlights and celebrates incredible achievements of female leaders in all Social Care roles.

Marisa was recognised for her unwavering commitment to resident and nursing practice, and the way in which she champions the Social Care sector’s most influential individuals, receiving the highly sought-after accolade. Speaking about her award at the time, Marisa said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to have received such incredible acknowledgement and to stand alongside so many remarkable ladies who I consider to be the benchmark of excellence throughout our sector. Having worked in care for many years, I’m humbled that my efforts have been recognised and this will only motivate me to continue doing a job I love doing each and every day. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by so many exceptional colleagues, who inspire me to implement a standard of care that improves the quality of life for everyone across the industry, while creating a rich and diverse culture alongside people I consider to be not just friends, but family, too.”

Following on from last year’s awards, the Winners and those who were Highly Commended were invited to the House of Lords last week for an afternoon tea and networking event. Marisa proudly represented Nellsar and all its contributions to advancing the quality of Care Homes and the various partnership working we do. She felt very honoured to have had that opportunity.

Commenting on the event, Marisa said:

“It was such a wonderful experience and completely different from the awards night. On this occasion, after taking in the amazing architecture, environment and views, there was a good amount of time to chat with lots of other WAGS in Social Care; I look forward to networking more with my new connections. I love being around people with the same passionate belief and force of energy that is gradually guiding Social Care towards the platform it so rightly deserves. There are so many amazing people in wonderfully diverse and flexible roles. Perfect for the dynamic work being done across social care every day!”

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House of Lords Official Invitation